Jimmy James: A Songbird Impressionist On the Records

Written by | Entertainment, Stage

Jimmy James is a musical chameleon, able to channel not only Cher, but Lana del Ray, Stevie Nicks, Judy Garland and daughter Liza Minelli.

Unlike many competitors, James also has a strong hand of male impressions, too — including such diverse talents as Elvis Presley, Robin Thicke, Lionel Richie, Neil Diamond and David Bowie. For James, the journey began where all such love affairs with musicians do: in a record collection. While many have been inspired to pick up an instrument or write a song, James has not only the ears to pick up subtle nuances and “tics” that make each performer unique, but the vocal elasticity to take what’s on those records and reproduce those specific characteristics with an accuracy that’s truly astounding.

James is also quick-witted enough to weave an incredible array of voices together into a bravura night that seems less like a one-person show than a cavalcade of stars, with one small difference. There’s only one person on the stage.

Last modified: October 12, 2017