Juan Pablo Di Pace Embraces His Spanish Roots With New Single “Te Sentí”

Written by | The Lens

Quarantine has not slowed down triple threat Juan Pablo Di Pace.  While much of Hollywood and production has been shut down, Di Pace starred in Paramount’s LGBTQ holiday movie “Dashing in December” and used the rest of his time to focus on one of his first loves–his music.  In January, Di Pace released his first single from an upcoming EP, “Fall on Me,” written by Jeffrey James and Justin Halpin.  Now Di Pace is gearing up to release his first Spanish-song, “Te Senti.”

Although Argentine-born Di Pace has not recorded in Spanish before, “Te Senti” is an artistic and cultural ingress into the stories that are close to his heart.  “In working on my new EP,” Di Pace explained, “it needed to have music that spoke to an international audience, “Te Sentí” is a love letter to my Spanish roots and the flamenco sounds that get under your skin pretty deep.”

“Te Senti” was written by Di Pace and Latin Grammy winner Paulina Aguirre.  “It’s important for me to showcase a strong musical style and stories that are honest and truthful to whatever is going on in my life at the time… With “Te Sentí,” I was inspired by the feeling of losing someone, and that immobilizing pain you feel when you know it just cannot be.” Once the song was finished, Di Pace visited his parents in Madrid and upon meeting Flamenco musician Tito Losada and his sons via a watsapp introduction, “Te Senti” evolved from a pop ballad into a dynamic fusion between authentic flamenco and adult contemporary sound.

The song was just released internationally on all digital platforms on February 26th, along with a music video with a cinematic production that narrates a love story between two men and a woman, within the stylish framework of a flamenco community. The video was co-directed by Juan Pablo and director Manolo Pavón -who is also Oscar winner Pedro Almodóvar’s on-set photographer- starring flamenco dancers Pablo Fraile and Sara Rosado. Spanish legend Tito Losada and sons, Luky and Ivan Losada, also appear.

Being also part of the LGBT community, Juan Pablo Di Pace, decided to showcase an inclusive love story through a subtle and respectful lens in the video. “I consider myself a storyteller first, in fact, whether I am directing, singing or acting, it is always about the story first… And this video is definitely my ode to those who simply live in the grey areas in matters of the heart.” Juan Pablo is involved in every aspect of his releases, having directed seven music vdeos and six short films, writing and co-producing on most of his tracks.

“Te Sentí” is also part of the upcoming EP, “Vascular” which is planned to be released mid-2021.  “Te Senti” is available now on itunes.   https://music.apple.com/album/1551525071?app=itunes&ls=1

Last modified: March 3, 2021