Kevin Allison’s RISK! Brings Its Tell-All Tales to Bookstores Nationwide

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kevin allison

risk book coverIf you’ve ever enjoyed Kevin Allison’s too-raw-for-NPR storytelling podcast RISK!, then you’re sure to get a kick out of its just-released companion book, also titled RISK! (Hachette Books, $16.99). This sometimes-shocking, always-fascinating book is a collection of short stories and essays by actors, comedians and people who aren’t necessarily as used to the spotlight — offering true tales they never thought they’d dare to share. Some well-known contributors include Michael Ian Black, TS Madison, Jonah Ray, Aisha Tyler, Lili Taylor, Paul F. Tompkins and Dan Savage. The podcast’s host and book’s editor Kevin Allison has had a long and venerated career in comedy, notably as part of The State, but found new purpose in life as the creator of RISK! — spreading the inspiring message that our most cringe worthy moments can become our best stories. Now you can enjoy them on the printed page (including both hits from the podcast and brand new stories) — tales that are alternately naughty, funny and scary in ways that will make you think, feel and maybe even want to share a story that you never thought you’d dare to.

Last modified: August 27, 2018