King Cobra Proves Charm Can Be Deadly

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James Franco is back to playing gay for pay again and does double duty as the producer of King Cobra, which dramatizes the true-to-life murder of a gay porn mogul, here played by Christian Slater.

King Cobra film

We can’t tell you too many of the specifics about King Cobra, because the film won’t open for another week or so around the country. But what we can tell you from a press screening is that it’s among the most provocative and openly gay movies you’ll see in mainstream cinema this year. The movie stars relative newcomer Garrett Clayton as twink sensation Brent Corrigan, who’s discovered by the closeted porn producer played by Slater.

Just as the young man is beginning to become an underground star, events begin to spin out of control. A rival porn company wants to ride the Corrigan coattails to massive sales, and Slater’s character tries desperately to hold onto the meal ticket he’s found in Corrigan’s porn star appeal. It’s been billed as a dark comedy, but it’s much darker than it is comedic, with memorable performances from the entire cast – including two performers not often seen these days on the big screen: former Brat Pack icon Molly Ringwald and Alicia Silverstone.
King Cobra opens nationwide October 21.

Last modified: September 29, 2017