Kiss the Groom, Already! The Global Guide to Gay Marriage

Written by | The Lens

Acceptance is a patchwork quilt. You can’t always count on it, but you can work to make it stronger, warmer, and more encompassing.

As Pride Month blankets us with a sense of inclusion, it’s important to understand how far our community expands. Same-sex marriage is a human right, yet it’s a fragile institution that is still in its infancy in many countries, including our own.

So, as we embark on summer travel and make further plans in our vacation lives as well as our love lives, let’s put our money where our laws are. LGBTQ+ nuptials are legal in 29 nations, but over 70 nations still punish homosexuality as a crime.

Navigating this unjust minefield can be treacherous, which is why we lean on organizations like the International LGBTQ+ Travel Association, or IGLTA.

In addition to being a valuable resource for hotspots and cool getaways, IGLTA recently updated their guide to gay marriage, and the page is a destination unto itself. After recapping recent and not-so-recent history in our struggles for equality, the site gives helpful pointers about staying safe and feeling fabulous.

But one of our favorite features on the page is its interactive rainbow flag. Simply click the pull-down menu to select the country of your choice. Once you have done so, watch as the red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple stripes react.

The top tier of the graphic represents marriage equality, but that’s just the tip of the niceberg. One slot down, explore your nation’s sexual activity laws. After all, what good is same-sex marriage without the sex part?

The yellow stripe of the interactive rainbow illustrates gender identity protections and the green sliver covers anti-discrimination laws such as housing ordinances and employment opportunities. These are important considerations because once you’re wed, you may want to (gay gasp) actually settle down and make a life for yourself in a non-hostile locale.

Further down the flag, the situation gets spottier. Even progressive governments like The Netherlands fail to earn 100% when it comes to civil rights, liberties and social media sentiment. IGLTA is tracking adoption laws, blood donation regulations, conversion therapy practices, and online attitudes toward the LGBTQ’mmunity.

We recommend this comprehensive guide for all potential brides, grooms, and non-conforming spouses-to-be. While the thrill of international travel involves plenty of spontaneity, there are some elements of your trip you must plan judiciously. Queer adventurers don’t have the luxury of leaving certain details to chance, or else we may find ourselves in the midst of discrimination or incarceration.

And that’s no way to start a happy homo home life. Have a safe journey to your best self.




Last modified: June 2, 2021