Krka National Park: Do Chase Waterfalls

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Walk through the lush forest and explore all of the different animals that dwell there in their natural habitat. It can be a bit crowded, but focus on your own experience and leave your regrets behind.

Krka National Park

If you want to go for a swim in Croatia’s Krka National Park’s waterfall, the best time to visit is the summer when it’s hot and the refreshing water can soothe and restore you. Bask in the sun and swim alongside fish in the emerald waters of this incredible “water park.” But if you’re not much of a swimmer, then come visit in the spring or fall when it’s slightly less crowded.

Krka National Park

Entrance fee to the park in the fall is 30 kunas and you can wander the beautiful park without the maddening crowd, the bus loads of tourists with their four-foot long selfie sticks — no rush, no lines and very few tourists anywhere. The amazing waterfalls are composed in part of limestone and contribute to making it perhaps one of the most beautiful and most often visited natural parks in Europe.

Krka National Park

There are three ways to get to Krka National Park. The nearest major city from Krka is Split. You can rent a car, take the bus or taxi or take an organized tour. I highly recommend the first two options. I went on an organized tour and while getting to the park was easy, I felt so rushed that I didn’t have time to fully
enjoy the sights. We were only given a few hours to explore and it was less than ideal to board the bus back still wet from swimming in damp clothes. Taking the bus is fairly safe, easy and inexpensive.

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Last modified: July 11, 2017