LACMA Exhibition Sings With Rings and Bling

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There’s no denying that jewelry can be beautiful, but is it art?

All Photos Courtesy of Museum Associates/LACMA

All Photos Courtesy of Museum Associates/LACMA

That’s one of the questions posed by the new exhibition Beyond Bling: Jewelry from the Lois Boardman Collection. It will showcase extraordinary pieces of contemporary studio jewelry from three continents. The 50 featured works include ethereal pieces, such as the Venus Fly Trap like curves of the “Loperenias Brooch” (pictured) by Mirjam Hiller. Others are more brutalist, such as the “Smoky Quartz on Countersink Nail Ring” by Bernhard Schobinger (See Gallery ). The exhibition will explore the use of nontraditional materials and techniques, the way jewelry can communicate personal or political messages, and the medium’s potential to shock and delight.


Last modified: August 31, 2017