Joey Arias Thinks her Fellow Nominees are a “Bunch of Nuts.”

Joey Arias

The Legendary Queen still loves them anyway.

You’d be hard pressed to find a more legendary NYC queen who has done it all than Joey Arias.

Joey has been performing drag since the 70s and remains a fixture in the scene.  His unparalleled talent and sweet demeanor have proven time and again that he is a force to be reckoned with.

As a matter of fact, Arias is so beloved in the NYC underground, you can’t mention the icon’s name without receiving a glowing smile from anyone who knows or has worked with him.

Joey sat down with us and some of his fellow performers to give us an exclusive rundown on why you should vote for him.

Take a look and cast your vote below!  Or head to to see who else is on the ballot!


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Full transcript:

Dirty Martini: Hi

Joey Arias: What do you think about me?

Dirty Martini: Vote!

Off screen: What do you think about her?

Joey Arias: Will you vote for me?

Dirty Martini: Legendary. Fabulous.

Joey Arias: You gonna vote?

Dirty Martini: Yes.

Joey Arias: Okay!

Edward Wagner: The best. The best. Only him. Number one!

Joey Arias: See?

Joey Arias: I want to say that I’m so honored to be bunched up with a bunch of nuts who do drag, and I love it so much! And I hope you do vote for me. because I am the highest vibration and that could lead to anything.

Opera Gaga: Joey is a legend! I really wish that Joey Arias was our president right now.

Joey Arias: So everyone out there, remember to vote for me! Vote for me!

Off-screen voice: Yes, he can pay!

Joey Arias & Others off-screen: Hahahaha!

About Joey Arias

A fixture of New York City’s vibrant downtown performance scene for 30-plus years, Joey Arias is a bona fide NYC icon. Arias has performed worldwide at venues including Carnegie Hall, The Freedom Theatre in London and on a transatlantic world tour into the cabaret clubs of Paris, Tokyo, Moscow, Germany, Finland, Estonia, Canada and England.

On film, he has appeared in Mondo New YorkBig Top Pee WeeElvira, Mistress of the DarkWigstock – The MovieFlawless and To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar. Television credits include the infamous Saturday Night Live episode with David Bowie and Klaus Nomi, Ann Magnuson’s Vandemonium (Cinemax), Elvira’s MTV Halloween Special, HBOs Dragtime, HBO’s Real Sexand Gayer Than Gay on VH1, along with numerous appearances on a wide variety of talk shows and programs.

Additionally, Arias has produced several of his own recordings including Arias on HolidayStrange FruitJazzo LozoGod Shave the Queen and live recordings of StarLust in Berlin, Arias with a Twist and Bar D’o in New York.

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Last modified: December 17, 2018