Let Lust Rule: Lenny Kravitz is 56 Years Old?!?

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American whoa-man! Have you see the cover of this month’s Men’s Health magazine? Rugged rocker Lenny Kravitz is shirtless, inked, and hoisting a wakeboard on the beach… lucky wakeboard!

For the dreamy photoshoot, Kravitz channels the deeply alluring deep-sea sensuality of Aquaman, who was played by Kravitz’s real-life son-in-law, Jason Momoa.

Momoa married into Kravitz royalty, wedding Lenny’s daughter Zoe. This entire family makes everyone else in the human race look like wet garbage.

We have been fans of Lenny Kravitz for decades, ever since he burst on the scene with Are You Gonna Go My Gay – oops, we mean Way. But speaking of gay (we do so often), Kravitz played a sexually fluid character in The Hunger Games franchise named Cinna. Spicy as ever, Kravitz is spilling the tea on his career, love life, and family bonds in a new memoir entitled Let Love Rule.

In the book, we learn how Lenny was a self-professed “mama’s boy,” but who can blame him? His mother was the late, great Roxie Roker, who broke barriers by playing one half of an interracial couple on The Jeffersons. The series was way ahead of its time, but it was still not as progressive as the Roker/Kravitz brood IRL. Roxie was married to a white man named Sy Kravitz, so their son Lenny was aware of social issues and complex racial perspectives from a very early age.

When Lenny grew up, he found a kindred soul in Lisa Bonet. The two married, bringing beauty to a whole new level, and making the rest of us feel like regurgitated cat food.

Seriously, how ga-ga-gorgeous is she? It seems like everyone in Lenny’s orbit exudes an inner glow that radiates out to their flawless features and into the respective realms around them.

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Lenny’s latest pics just reinforce what we have always known: that he has earned a spot in the all-time hottie hall of fame. Just thinking about him makes us all split our pants simultaneously. For reference, here’s Mr. Kravitz letting it all hang out in an incident that puts the “fun” in “wardrobe malfunction.”



Last modified: October 16, 2020