Level Up Your LGBTQ+ Game

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Video games are a playground of possibilities. You can adopt any body shape, perform as whichever gender you choose, and lose your inhibitions in a fantasy realm of buff centaurs and tattooed male witches.

So why are so many titles prohibitively toxic? Years ago, the gaming industry made a deal with the devils of marketing and decided that the only viable demographic was straight and male. Hence, we have been inundated by decades of airbrushed female forms clad in skimpy outfits that would make their daredevil missions uncomfortable – if not impossible – to complete.

But visionary artist Ulysses3DArt is a true game changer. He draws from the inspiration of such iconic characters as Lara Craft and creates queer renditions that bring the concept of exploration in scintillating new directions.

The designer’s given name is Raffael and he has achieved a profound paradigm shift with his work. Gay characters are no longer shuffled to the digital sidelines or, even worse, resigned to comedic fodder. Instead, they are front and center, excavating ancient sites and thwarting evil before commiserating with one another by the spritely glow of a romantic wooded glen.

Raffael’s affinity for the male form has earned him accolades in the gaymer community as well as widespread erotic acclaim. He seems to be having fun with his notoriety with posts like the following, in which he brazenly inflates a hunky, hairy werewolf character with bulging muscles and a vector of pubic hair that directs the viewer’s attention ever downward.

What monstrous secrets lurk below the beast’s heaving abdomen? Will he ever be tamed by the love of his majestic suitor? What other LGBTQ+ creations cavort in Raffael’s fiercely fertile imagination?

To answer these questions, and to conjure up even more, you can visit his Deviant Art gallery, where you will see the full array of Raffael’s passion on display; the gays came to play, and no limitations will get in our way.

Photo: deviantart.com/ulysses3dart


Last modified: May 2, 2021