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Bloom Psychotherapy NYC
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Feel Safe and Understood

As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, there are daily reminders that it’s not always safe to be yourself. Even though New York City is more open and accepting than most places in the country, it can still be hard.

Sexuality and Gender

How you identify in terms of your sexuality and gender is probably only one of the many things that make you the interesting and complex person you are today. The last thing you may want to have to do in therapy is explain your gender or sexuality. Of course, issues around gender or sexuality may come up, but chances are you don’t want either of them to be the main focus of the work.

Affirmative Support

There are a number of issues that are specific to our community, such as alternative relationship structures, gay parenting, and internalized and externalized homophobia and transphobia, to name a few. At Bloom, our clinicians work from a place of compassion and empathy as you work through whatever brings you to therapy.

Transgender and Gender Expansive Children, Tweens & Adolescents

Supporting your child or family member is a transition for everyone. At Bloom, our clinicians are specially trained to work with transgender and gender expansive children, tweens, and adolescents. We can also work with the whole family, as transitioning can be an adjustment for everyone.

Coming Out

While it may be easier today for some people to come out, we still live in a culture where it’s not necessarily easy or safe to come out in the first place. Needing to hide or keep part of yourself secret can create an environment ripe for fear, rejection, or sadness.

Family Struggles

While some may be lucky enough to be loved and supported by their family, there are still those who can’t be fully open or transparent with everyone in their world. Having to live two or more separate lives can weigh on you after awhile. How can you be strong enough to live authentically, regardless of the consequences?

We are a client-centered, strength-based, confidential private practice.

If you are struggling with:

Anxiety or Depression
Relationship issues
Feelings of being generally overwhelmed
Post college/early career decisions
Disordered eating or other self-harming behaviors
Intense stress
Managing changing life roles
Body Dysmorphia
Self esteem
Grief and loss
Work issues
Family or life transitions
Complex Trauma
Substance use
Fertility Issues and/or PCOS
Sexual Assault
Domestic Violence

We can help. Our therapists are affirming and also experienced in working with:
Alternative Life Styles
Sex Workers
Transgender and Gender Non-conforming Individuals

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