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Allow us to explain. Enzo Custom is a vertically integrated company. We've bought into the manufacturing process for all of our garments, cutting down on production costs and allowing for rigorous and uncompromising quality control. We also purchase name-brand fabrics (like Zegna) in bulk, directly from the source. Our unique business model allows us to offer you custom garments of the highest order at game-changing prices.


Most Custom Clothiers receive their garments from a trading company or directly from a manufacturing facility. Generally, trading companies are utilized by clothiers who haven't achieved the economy of scale to buy directly from a factory. With a middleman in place, this clothier will need to pay more and pass the costs on to you, the customer. Larger custom clothiers, ones that can go factory direct, may still be constrained by the quality control and efficiency of their production facility. Because Enzo is an integral part of the manufacturing process, we personally guarantee our own quality control and the consistency of our garments.


Storing cloth is almost entirely done by fabric distributors and other trading companies. Most other custom clothiers purchase their fabrics from these sources for an up-to-date inventory of fabrics. Enzo is also a wholesale fabric distributor. We buy our cloth directly from mills all over the world and supply over 100 distinct custom clothiers worldwide. In other words, our collections are always from the cutting edge of the fashion industry.


Other custom clothiers are either located in expensive retail space or use costly marketing techniques to draw in their customers. Enzo is permanently located in commercial office space and does not spend any money on advertising. We rely on our customer's positive experience to draw in our clientele. Sure, it's an innovative and bold approach – but it's worked so far.

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315 Madison Ave., 14th Floor
New York, NY
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New York

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