Joyce, Eileen

Joyce, Eileen
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Grief Recovery
Life After Loss
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Feeling stuck, tired, and depleted?

It could be unresolved grief.
If you are dealing with loss, recent or long ago…
If your life is not going in the direction you’d like…
If you have challenges that seem impossible to solve…

With me as your coach you can:

Complete unresolved grief from any major loss
Regain your passion for living
Know yourself and understand relationships at a whole new level
Generate new ideas and opportunities

Grief recovery is about healing a broken heart
If you don’t heal your broken heart, you move on with all the feelings and thoughts of your loss stuffed within you. Everything is compromised—relationships, health, and aliveness.

Any of the major losses brings about unwanted changes and conflicting thoughts and feelings. Some of the losses include:

Divorce or breakup
Death of a loved one
Death of a beloved pet
Loss of health, money, friendship, partnerships, job, trust
Grief is not just sadness; it is the pain of unspoken emotions like anger, love, sorrow for things said and unsaid, resentments and regrets, relief and fear.

With this overwhelming burden, is it any wonder that we lose our emotional honesty and aliveness?

Reclaim your life

Grief Recovery renews your passion for living. You’ll begin to see life more clearly and may feel the need for further support in making changes.

With me as your coach, together we’ll:

Uncover your strengths and capabilities
Identify what is not working and the changes you need to make
Create a one-step-at-a-time plan for taking effective actions
As you shift to being in charge of your life, your capacity for happiness, creativity, and productivity will grow.

Rebuilding Your Life After Loss
...a personal coaching program for people living with the death of a loved one and other major losses
Do you ask yourself, “Will I ever feel good again? How can I move from the pain and anguish I’ve been through? What can I do to take care of myself and those I love?”

At some point, each of us finds the strength to say, “I’m ready to start making some changes, but I need some help.” Oftentimes it’s not because we feel ready, it’s because the truth is—life is just not working very well.

This personal coaching program will help you:

Shift from feeling so out of control and move into the calm place of being in charge of your life
Pick up the pieces and put them back together in a way that you will once again find some real joy in living
Create a plan that will be your anchor in taking on each new day
You’ll have an hour of coaching every week to talk about where you’re at, acknowledge what happened, and create the next actions to move forward one step at a time.

You’ll be discovering the pieces of yourself that are most hidden. As these come to light, you’ll do things you hadn’t thought possible.

time to reinvent yourselfAs your coach, I will lead you from behind as you do your work, gently pushing when needed. I’ll ask you the questions that others may not dare to. I’ll listen for your innermost desires, acknowledge your accomplishments, and give you added support during the most challenging times.

If you think it might be time to start rebuilding your life, contact me to schedule a free consultation. My background includes decades of business and personal coaching. My life-affirming experience with death teaches me it can either be the thing that takes us down or the ultimate change that empowers us to live life to its fullest.

It’s time to start the process of rebuilding. If you don’t start now, when will you? If you don’t initiate it, who will?

I invite you to contact me to schedule a free consultation.

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