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The basic massage therapy that is beneficial for all types of physical stress is Swedish massage. Depending on whether there is an injury or simply the need for release of stress, I adjust the intensity of the massage....deep pressure for atheletes, for instance, or lighter pressure for someone just looking for relief. I tell my clients that the main objective of the massage is to relax and allow the healing properties of the massage to occur. Reflexology, another technique in my repertoire, is pressure point therapy on the nerve endings of the feet that has direct corresponding effects on the different organs of the body. During massage, I am willing to address personal questions for which you may be seeking insight. The mind/body connection is never so vital as during the massage process and affords a unique opportunity to explore deeper questions. While my work has been covered in the media, my best publicity comes from word of mouth and testimonials given by satisfied clients. "I've known Mano for over ten years and I've referred him to many friends because he's truly gifted. I laugh when things he's told me come to be, but he's not surprised anymore. He's a loving gentle soul." (Magdalena Spinelli, actress)

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