These Are 11 Reasons Why LGBTQ Protesters Are at the Supreme Court

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LGBTQ Protesters Outside the Supreme Court

On October 8, the Supreme Court of the United States was slated to hear pivotal cases about whether to ensure or rollback employment protections for LGBTQ people. Here are 11 reasons LGBTQ protesters gathered at the Supreme Court en masse.

Because Rising Up Matters

Because the Supreme Court Is Essential to Upholding Queer and Trans Rights

Because Today May Be One of the Most Important Days in LGBTQ Legal History

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Because Businesses Should Have No Right to Discriminate

Because It Honors Those Who Came Before

Because When Trans Rights Are Under Attack, We Must Fight Back

Because “We the People” Means Everyone

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Because It Shows That Trans People Belong

Because We’re Making History No Matter What Happens

Because Everyone Should Stand with Their Trans Family

Because LGBTQ People Deserve to Bring Their Full Selves to Work

Get more information about these important Supreme Court cases from the ACLU.

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Last modified: October 8, 2019