LGBTQ Streaming Service Revry Offers Award-Winning Transgender TV Series

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Dezjorn Gauthier

How can you observe the Trans Day of Visibility? Watch America in Transition on LGBTQ+ streaming service Revry.

What Is the International Trans Day of Visibility?

Since 2009, people around the world have celebrated Trans Day of Visibility (TDOV) on March 31. The holiday was created in response to the lack of official days dedicated to the trans community. The day commemorates contributions of trans people to society. It also serves as an occasion to live out and proud. We have made great strides toward realizing a world more accepting and supportive of trans people. Nevertheless, the current political climate threatens regression almost daily. Accordingly, TDOV acts as a reminder of the work still left to be done.

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You can find many opportunities to gather with others to observe TDOV, particularly in the San Francisco area. (Check out some of them here.) However, you may not have access to such a network of likeminded individuals. The new, LGBTQ+ streaming service Revry offers a perfect solution. The award-winning documentary series, America in Transition, premieres on the platform as of March 29.

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What Is America in Transition?

Trans filmmaker Andre Perez directs the series, which follows the lives of four trans Americans. These subjects battle against a number of injustices. Their shared goal is to lead lives free from persecution or retribution for being who they are.

One episode centers on Tiommi, a trans woman living in Arkansas. Tiommi faces arrest under a law that mandates HIV positive individuals disclose their status to sexual partners. “What I had to weigh was the fact that I was assaulted,” Tiommi explains. “Do I want to prosecute him?” she asked herself. But she faced consequences for not telling her attacker she was living with HIV. This demoralizing dilemma is all too familiar to HIV positive people in certain communities.

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Further episodes focus on model Dezjorn Gauthier (pictured), Trans Lifeline founder Nina Chaubal, and veteran Z Shane Zaldivar. At turns serious and light-hearted, America in Transition is a must-watch. Indeed, the series offers everyone a chance to better understand the trans community. Perez has created insightful, empathetic windows into the lives of four extraordinary Americans. We must hear their stories, feel their pain and celebrate their humanity to facilitate open dialogue. That’s exactly what this series – and TDOV – is meant to accomplish.

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Last modified: July 30, 2019