Lights, Camera, Attraction: The Art & Photography of Chris Lopez

Written by | Art & Design, The Lens

Whether found on roadways or Renaissance paintings, curves can be dangerous. The alluring lines that draw our gaze around the powerful thighs of a model also spell out a sense of taboo. Should we be ogling these subjects with lusty abandon? On the other hand: how could we possibly look away?

These are the compelling dilemmas that fuel the creativity of Chris Lopez. His stars are often grizzled daddies who dare us to objectify them. Lopez captures their furry fury, depicting them via fractured brushstrokes that fully immerse the audience. It’s as if we are discovering these sensual beasts in the hazy dawn of an expedition through a muscle-bear wonderland.

“My art work is all about light,” explains the Barcelona born visionary. “The human form is just a pretext for me to manipulate light.”

The viewer feels the delicate touch of photons as they dance across the burly chest of a quintessential Lopez man. His photography is throbbingly NSFW, assembling the hottest hunks from our sweaty fantasies and immortalizing them in vivid photographic majesty.

The shutterbuggery is so inspiring, it drives Lopez himself to explore various platforms in order to mine maximum eroticism from each ultra-masculine image. The artist uses his own pics as reference material to draw enticing silhouettes that celebrate bulges, buns, bedroom eyes, and beefiness personified.

Lopez also designs the prints emblazoned on the skimpy swimsuits that his models fill out so brilliantly. He then photographs the ensuing fitting sessions, creating a meta sensation with layers of his own style weaving together and embracing the hirsute contours of his on-screen studs.

“Every medium, to me, is a different language,” narrates Lopez. He pivots effortlessly from clothing design to longing sketches to some of the most drool-worthy pictures committed to film.

“My work isn’t erotic, nor is it explicit,” argues Lopez. “For me, it’s more aesthetic. It’s the type of work I’d put in my home.”

Remind us to RSVP for his next house party. Chris Lopez is constructing a monument to manly idolatry with every visual he captures. We will gladly follow his lead to the precipice of LGBTQ gratification.



Last modified: November 12, 2020