Live from the Olympics: It's Geoscope!

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I am a rabid Olympics fan – it’s something that I have been following ever since I was a kid. Went to the London Olympics four years ago and had an amazing time. So back then I made a promise to myself: I’ll be in Rio.

Olympics in Rio

Sure I had second thoughts and a bout or two of cold feet about attending; what with terrorism attacks all over the world, the outbreak of Zika, bacteria in the water, the high crime rate and all of the political unrest in Brazil, I was more than a bit scared. But the minute I landed four days ago, it has been a blast of unremitting fun, and I mean Non-Stop.

Olympics in Rio

Unlike the London Olympics, it’s been so much less hassle to get tickets to the events I most wanted to experience. So far, I’ve been able to land tickets to about 90% of the events without a single problem (other than the fact that getting into matches where the USA is playing basketball is like trying to get a seat on the space shuttle).

We have passes to a wide variety of different competitions, including volleyball, diving,
field hockey, cycling, rugby, basketball, handball and gymnastics. I could actually score even more tickets if I wanted to, but everybody’s got to sleep sometime.

Olympics in Rio

The Barra Olympic Park has been our second home for the past four days. It’s a cluster of nine sporting venues in Barra da Tijuca. The sporting venues here are simply amazing, and the Brazilians have done a phenomenal job of designing each of the venues. Every one is stunning in its majesty and beautiful in its execution.

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Last modified: August 22, 2017