“London Sartorial:” See How the British Do It in Style

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London Sartorial

Written by Dylan Jones | Rizzoli; $45

London is well known for — among other things — its sense of style, and London Sartorial: Men’s Style from Street to Bespoke offers an in- depth look at the inner workings of men’s fashion in this city of rakes and dandies. British charisma fairly drips from the pages of this gorgeous book. Each chapter has a theme; examples include “London Calling” (with its pictures of men on cellphones) and “West End Boys” (devoted to regal shots of men in suits). In addition, author Dylan Jones, award winning editor of GQ (UK) profiles iconic men’s fashion designers —crafting an engaging timeline of fashion history.

Of course London has been Ground Zero in men’s fashion for centuries — from the foppish powdered wigs and dandies of the Enlightenment to the Dickensian elegance of Victorian England. Rene Magritte had a bit of fun with the stiff British uniform of nearly a century ago when he painted a man in a suit and bowler hat, with the image of a Granny Smith apple superimposed over the subject’s face. And of course, “Swinging London” was not only home to Carnaby Street and the ornate lace and bold primary colors of flower power, but soon made room for David Bowie’s experiments in glam with his silver spandex, platform shoes and carrot-colored hair. Whatever gets defined at the moment as “cutting edge” in men’s fashion, London is where you’ll see it worn first — and often best.

Last modified: July 22, 2019