Lust in Lisbon: The Men of Elska Magazine

Written by | Art & Design, The Lens

The pandemic has taught us to rethink desire. Circuit parties and crowded gay bars took a yearlong disco nap, forcing us to turn inward and seek titillation online or in print. But as old copies of our fave mags grow yellowed and faded, new memories emerge from the past; memories in the form of previously unreleased male erotica.

Elska magazine penetrated their archives in search of fresh material. Their journey brought them to the breathtaking manscape of Lisbon, Portugal. “Truly one of Europe’s most beautiful cities,” the publication touts on their website. “The warmer colour palettes, the sea, the hills, the crumbling old buildings and cobbled streets all bring a fresh look for the Elska collection.”

Liam Campbell, the editor and chief photographer for the LGBTQ+ brand, brings his sensual sensibilities to every evocative session while always maintaining a uniquely global perspective. His work has illuminated the rugged vulnerability simmering just beneath the surface of his subjects. Whether they hail from South America, New South Wales, or South Africa, the models in Elska magazine appear more confessional than exhibitionist.


“Of course the men are beautiful too,” narrates the publisher of the enhanced new Lisbon collection. “Inside you’ll meet a cross-section of a dozen local boys of various backgrounds, styles and ages who we happened to meet on our trip here. Each is shot in the city or in their homes; in their own clothes or no clothes at all; without contrived styling, airbrushing and over photoshopping.”

For those of us who regard language as the ultimate aphrodisiac, Elska does not disappoint. “The stories too are honest, as each boy’s photospread is accompanied by a personal story, making the experience all the more intimate and aiming to make you feel like you’re right there visiting Lisbon with them.”

After months of travel restrictions and agonizing distance, we revel in the opportunity to transport our minds virtually abroad and back in time to these unearthed photo gems. Thanks for helping us turn the proverbial page.


Last modified: April 16, 2021