Madonna’s 6 Most Underappreciated Videos in her 60 years

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Happy belated birthday to her Madgesty: Madonna.

In honor of her 60th birthday, here are the 6 most underappreciated videos across her music career.

6. What it Feels Like for a Girl (2001)

Perhaps one of the strangest Madonna videos in which she carjacks a pussy mobile, kidnaps an elderly woman, and goes on a rampage throughout a city, “What it Feels Like for a Girl” (from Music) reminds us all you’re never to old to get into a little trouble.

5. Human Nature (1994)

The anthem to unapologetic sexuality and self-expression, “Human Nature” was that latex-filled, S&M tease that sparked a whole generation’s urge to explore a whole different side of human nature with gusto and zero regrets. The track was a standout on her Bedtime Stories album.

4. Ray of Light (1998)

The first single from the album of the same name, “Ray of Light” was a transcendental collaboration with William Orbit that brought Electronic Music to the forefront of the mainstream and solidified Madonna’s reputation as a game-changing innovator. If you haven’t listened, the entire Ray of Light album is pure magic.

3. Dress You Up (1984)

A gem from Like a Virgin, “Dress You Up” is one of Madonna’s songs that reappears every few years to remind us all of her ability to create a hook that dresses us all up in her love for life.

2. Bedtime Story (1994)

Possibly one of the most innovative videos of its time, “Bedtime Story” (from Bedtime Stories) was a precursor to Madonna’s journey into the sound that would define her Ray of Light album. The video is a surreal peek into her ethereal talent and genius.

1. Rain (1993)

“Rain” is that track from Erotica you’re reminded of every few years that you love and want to listen to on repeat for a week. The video gives a more elegant and subdued side of Madonna, focusing on her stunning ability to stand and deliver.

Which Madonna videos do you think are the most underappreciated?

Last modified: August 17, 2018