Man of the Month: Nyle DiMarco

Written by | The Lens

He won America’s Next Top Model. He won Dancing with the Stars. And now Nyle DiMarco is winning our hearts and dirty minds with a tantalizing layout for V Magazine.

The photo is part of a monthly project to celebrate Emporio Armani’s 40th anniversary, but we have a feeling that Nyle will overshadow the milestone with his signature blend of scruffy and suave.

As gorgeous as his face and body may be, they are dwarfed by the beauty of his big gay heart. The Nyle DiMarco Foundation coordinates its efforts with various other philanthropic entities to provide resources for Deaf children and the families that love them.

Nyle is a graduate of the esteemed Gallaudet University, the premier institution for Deaf learners. His primary mode of communication is sign language, but he is also fluent in sensuality and fierce fashion galore.

In 2015, Nyle announced that he is “sexually fluid,” thus melting our collective inhibitions in the process. It was yet another barrier broken by this whirlwind of charm and empathy. In addition to becoming only the second male winner of Next Top Model, Nyle was the first Deaf individual to snag the coveted crown.

Unlike many moguls who reach the pinnacle of success and never look back, Nyle is laying the groundwork for the next generation of Deaf success stories. His foundation creates a network of understanding and activation, connecting parents of Deaf children with the language skills they need to effectively communicate with their kids.

We must make a confession: at first, we were transfixed by Nyle’s rugged features and endlessly dreamy contours.

Do you blame us?

But now, we are looking beyond his impossibly alluring façade and seeing the rainbow of talents that course through his benevolent soul. V Magazine may have featured Nyle as their man of the month, but he brings us joy the whole year through.




Last modified: January 21, 2021