REVIEW: Masters of Sex Season 2 on DVD

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Following an unforgettable first Season, this Showtime original series returned to continue its exploration of the personal and professional relationship between groundbreaking human sexuality researchers William Masters and Virginia Johnson.

The show still has plenty going for it — particularly its title characters, played by Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan (pictured), who generate compelling emotional dynamism with almost any scene they’re given. New additions this season include Helen (a former flame of call girl–turned-devoted-wife Betty), played with wry charm by Sarah Silverman. Unfortunately, a mid-season jump means several characters (including Helen) disappear suddenly and completely. Still, there are many potent moments here to which most other dramatic series could not do justice — such as Virginia’s long, slow goodbye to her ailing mentor Dr. Lillian DePaul or the heartbreaking suicide attempt of closeted provost Barton Scully (a brave performance from Beau Bridges). THE WORD: Whatever else is going on, the nuanced and palpably electric chemistry between Bill and Virginia continue to keep this show buoyant and worthwhile. COMING TO: Home Video — in advance of the show’s July 12 return for season 3.

By Jonathan Roche

Last modified: July 27, 2017