No Longer a Joke, Men in Tights Get a Leg up in Meggings

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Leggings have long been thought of as falling squarely in the realm of women’s fashion (not that we’d ever let a detail like that dictate what we would or wouldn’t wear). But after entrepreneur Jordan Barnett attended the Burning Man festival, where he saw thousands of men sporting womens’ leggings, he realized that there was a demand for ones designed with mens’ sizes and tastes in mind. The result was Kapow Meggings — leggings for men. Today they’re available in 31 varieties, including shiny metallics; more traditional designs like plaids, camouflages and stripes; and truly eye-popping patterns that have to be seen to be believed. And lest you think Meggings are just a flash in the pan, thus far Kapow Meggings has doubled its profit every three months. Visit them online and see if you can picture yourself in a pair.

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Last modified: July 5, 2018