In the News Today: Love, Simon & Trump Trans Ban

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Nick Robinson

Here’s a quick rundown of all the things you’ll be talking about over happy hour drinks today.

Simon’s Timin’

Just ahead of the release of Love, Simon, the story of a suburban teen grappling with coming out — and simultaneously wanting to let friends and family in on his orientation while holding onto the way they regarded him before knowing his same-sex attractions — actor Nick Robinson has started giving interviews about his character and the film.

We’ll review the film next week as it hits the cinemas on March 16, but suffice it to say for now that Love, Simon is another step in trying to convince planet Earth that gay people are no different from people who prefer Chevys over Fords or brussels sprouts to green beans. What’s impressive about Robinson is that, although he plays a troubled 17-year old in the film, he’s remarkably poised and mature (at 22) in his explanation of why he took on the role and the responsibility he feels in bringing some dignity and sensitivity to his character.

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Flagging the Trump Trans Banner

This past week, an aggregate of LGBT advocacy groups debuted a new public service announcement that’s already getting national attention. The PSA puts the current Oval Occupant in the crosshairs of public scorn in criticizing his intentions to block transgender persons from serving in the Armed Forces.

Underwritten by Lambda Legal, the Human Rights Campaign and other organizations have purchased air time for the ad principally on news shows, specifically on CNN and has also decided that it’s worth a roll of the dice to have the ad seen on such typically unfriendly platforms as Fox News.

Very much in keeping with the style of a campaign commercial, the 30-second ad juxtaposes 45 with a host of well-respected leaders both military and political who disagree with the ban. It characterizes Trump as an “impulsive president” and asks that Americans demand that the Trump administration reverse course and begin to “put our troops ahead of your politics.”

Under the banner Patriots, the PSA begins with 45’s opening a new front on the culture wars last July with his unexpected tweet announcing the ban. Since then, many Americans have offered up scorn or support for the policy, and several courts have found that Trump’s ban lacked merit. Now, after numerous legal wranglings, a court has ruled that the military must once again accept trans troops, with a date to be determined later this year.

Despite the fact that one trans enlistee joined earlier this month, a court order has revealed that White House has plans to release yet another new military policy. This time, the adminstration has received input from the Pentagon and 45 is expected to announce the new policy later this month.

Here is the spot:

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Last modified: February 14, 2019