Mix and Mingle with Old Kris Kringle in Frankfurt

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My family and I were taking a road trip across several European ports-of-call, and of all the cities in Germany, I picked Frankfurt. My brother, who had never been anywhere in the country, wondered why I’d choose Frankfurt over Berlin or Munich or any of the better known spots. “You’ll see when you get there,” I assured him. “Just trust me.”

Frankfurt, Germany

Upon landing, we managed to get unpacked and we took an Über to Römerberg, St Paul’s Square, Mainkai. That is the site of the the
Frankfurt Christmas Market, one of the biggest in Christmas markets in Germany in terms of both visitor numbers and size.

Frankfurt, Germany

The grounds are festooned with very elaborate and creative stand decorations, and offset with the scenic surroundings of the Römerberg and St Paul’s Square, not to mention the huge Christmas tree and splendid Old World carousel. Together, they all combine make this particular market one of Germany’s most beautiful.

Frankfurt, Germany

My sisters are shopaholics (surprise), and my brother is huge foodie and also a photographer, so watching their faces light up at their first sight of the Christmas market was a treat in and of itself. Their eyes grew even wider and their jaws dropped at the sight of row after row of German crafts vendors and the variety of food stalls offering German and Italian food specialties.

Many had a wide assortment of delicious German desserts for sale – from chocolates to preserved fruits, ice creams, cheeses, and pastries. It was like bringing kids to Disneyland for the very first time. My sisters had all talked about missing their families back home, but while at the Christmas market, they momentarily forgot everything other than what it’s like to truly marvel at Christmas once again as they had when we were all young and filled with the innocence of Christmas spirit.

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Last modified: July 11, 2017