Models Imitate Exposed Art

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How would you feel if you entered an exhibit of male nude
paintings and the models in the painting are touring the gallery posing nude and viewing themselves
on the wall?

Find out by getting your copy of Expose Art by South Florida photographer Anthony
Timiraos. The fourth and final of his Expose series, “Expose Art” takes the magic of technology and
creates unique art compositions from his photographs.

He then combines the art with a nude photograph of the model viewing the art on the wall to create a unique and sensual multi-layer

“When I was considering a theme for my fourth book, I wanted the reader to see how my art would
look like at an exhibit or museum” Anthony explained the initial concept for this book. By using photo
technology, he created impressionist, modern, sketches and many other styles of art, framed and hung
at a virtual gallery. He did not stop there. He added the same model in front of the painting either
admiring the art or encouraging you to appreciate the male nude.

Anthony is known for his focus on the male form, which has led to the creation of a captivating body of
work. Somehow, though, the images are far more than skin deep as the pose and mood he elicits let us
glimpse the inner person.

His collection of male nudes that draws many fans to his “Expose” series
which includes “Expose”, “Expose More”, “Expose Love” and now “Expose Art” – where we see men,
some ordinary and some extraordinary and the personalities they portray in their pose. The light he
uses helps magnify the model’s expressions and skin tones. The diversity he captures, not just of race
and ethnicity, but diversity of body type, age and culture, is unique in his books. His work exposes the
model’s personalities through their choice of piercings, body art, facial and body hair.

“Creativity is the spark that moves an artist to take something that exists and envision it anew, bringing
it into a new era, into another way of being…“ writes playwright Dan Clancy in the book’s foreward.
“For all of his work in this collection, he has masterfully arranged all the elements that make for a
successful photograph: balance, unity, movement, rhythm, lighting, form and mood.”
A great addition to book collections of the classical male form.

All of his books are available at in the USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan, China, India and Mexico. It is also available
in many other online international retail and wholesale stores worldwide.

Last modified: August 27, 2020