Move Over, Chris Hemsworth; There’s Another Thor in Town

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Drag Queen Thorgy Thor

Drag Queen Thorgy Thor recently sat down to talk with us about what’s making news in her world— and there’s nothing newsier than the cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars.

Metrosource: First off, congrats on being announced as an All Stars 3 cast member. Without giving anything away, do you think you were able to show or offer a new side of your drag persona this time around?

Thorgy Thor: I was just as anxiety-ridden and neurotic as usual. It’s who I am. So yes. True self. However, it does act as an obstacle for me during challenges, that’s for sure. And they will inevitably edit me as a mess! Lots of artistic perfectionism is inescapable in my decision process, so get ready for the memes!

Metrosource: What are you planning for the upcoming Christmas Queens tour, and in particular, the hometown show at Stage 48?

Thorgy Thor: Ugh! Stop! Too much to rave about! This tour is really an off-off … off Broadway tale of a bunch of characters. Get ready to make fun of us, but also cry from nostalgia — and create a memory with us during the holiday season, because we can’t remember half our lyrics! I’m bringing live violin performance to every show, which means two hours of sound check in each city, and I love every minute of the process. I’m excited particularly to perform during the Peppermint & Thorgy collaboration number. She is loads of fun.

Metrosource: How do you think Brooklyn’s drag scene has progressed in recent years?

Thorgy Thor: I’ve been a fixture for over 10 years in Brooklyn, and still am! Every time I’m home I come out to support local talent and some old friend’s new drag disaster show! I love it, every time. I think what makes Brooklyn drag a little extra is the Brooklyn sister community. There are literally a hundred queens every square mile. Every time I’m back I see new sisters and old. In the holiday season, I hold onto that as an extension of my family. We are all invested in caring for and talking crap behind each and every queen’s back. I’m continually impressed and interested in each new queen’s arrival and takeover — although I refer to them all as “Poopy diapers “.

Metrosource: Your violin skills are seriously impressive. Have you ever thought about releasing a classical drag album? It’d certainly be the first of its kind.

Thorgy Thor: I hear that daily! Ok here it is; I’ll tell you first: I’m 90% done writing a ridiculous album, full of incredible/horrible songs full of nonsense. On the flip side, I’ve had offers to play solo violin for national orchestras. So it’s really not inside me to write a dance-violin album, despite lots of e-mails pushing for it. However, I have a few things written that I’m playing with in hopes that folks will buy tickets to a live show in their city. My mind creates a musical narrative, but wants to apply it to visuals and humor and live performance art. So no matter what album I create, I would want to market it as a live commitment. Buy a ticket! That’s where I’m at home and presenting what I do best.

Metrosource: What’s your favorite song to lip sync to these days?

Thorgy Thor: Oh wow. Favorite? ….I’m working on a new lip sync mix with Nene Leakes. That’s my favorite to listen to in my headphones while traveling. I’m yearning for the right gig to bring back some Gilda Radner numbers that I’ve put on the back shelf while waiting for the right venue.

Metrosource: What would fans be surprised to know about you?

Thorgy Thor: That I love mustard! Just kidding. Hmmm….. well, during the Christmas queens tour I plan to scatter my grandfather’s ashes in Oslo, Norway. I’m 50% Norwegian and my grandfather Thor moved from Oslo to New York. I will see if I can film a little Instagram post while I do it, if I can get through it without crying, laughing and dancing.

Metrosource: Lastly, what do you have in store for 2018? What are you currently working on?

Thorgy Thor: Again, I’m writing a ridiculous new album full of songs that I’m excited about. I’m also getting tons of plastic surgery to alter my features . . . just kidding. My Thorchestra idea is in full swing, and when the time comes where I have a team in place to take all emails, I will invite talented players to be part of my orchestra in every city, featuring an orchestra made mostly of local musicians. I’m so excited, I love this idea more than mustard.

Last modified: December 6, 2017