Music and Fun in the Sun: A Coachella 2019 Preview

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Coachella 2019:
A Preview

A decade ago, Coachella was widely thought to be an alternative dream festival. With top-tier acts outside of the mainstream such as Franz Ferdinand, Morrissey, My Bloody Valentine and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, it called hipsters to the desert in droves.

Last year’s highlights included a surprise reunion of Destiny’s Child. See them in action:

Nowadays, Coachella has embraced hip-hop, R&B and straight-up Top 40 pop like never before. Last year’s festival was headlined by Beyoncé and also included a profile-raising set from the inimitable Cardi B.

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This year, Solange, Ariana Grande and Lizzo have all secured prominent spots on the roster. However, if I were to suggest one must-see Coachella artist, it’d have to be Janelle Mon´ae. The pansexual performer is truly one of the best live acts around: a vocal range to give you goosebumps, a set design to make your jaw drop, and enough vigor, positivity and zeal to lift you out of the darkest of slumps.

Arrive early to check out French singer-songwriter Charlotte Gainsbourg (who has also acted in many Lars Von Trier films and is the daughter of notables Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin), trans electronic act SOPHIE, and 78-year old Caribbean firecracker, Calypso Rose.

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Last modified: April 5, 2019