Music Recommendations: Mark Aaron James

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Mark Aaron James

This year, out musician Mark Aaron James released an album, — My Mighty MAJick Stick — which was billed as “the first album to only be physically distributed via USB stick.” This got us to thinking: in an era when most people get their music digitally, where are you discovering new songs and artists? Do you keep an ear on what friends listen to on Spotify? Are you letting Pandora toss up recommendations based on what you’ve given the thumbs up? Do you find find new gems by following YouTube down the rabbit hole of what’s “Up Next”? Or has iTunes “Genius” offered you any stimulating recommendations? We want to know about the music that you think more Metrosource readers should hear — and how you discovered it. Share it by tweeting with #MetroMusicDiscovery to us @MetrosourceMag, and learn more about Mark’s album at

Last modified: August 8, 2017