New Video ‘Boomerang’ by David Hernandez is Heating Up the Summer

Written by | The Lens

Boomerang is a new song and music video from American Idol’s David Hernandez, celebrating diversity and “love is love.”  Shot in Palm Springs, David Hernandez is doing what lost of people of doing – escaping to the desert for some fun in the sun and social distancing among friends. And he is partying in the hot summer sun along with American Idol’s Mikalah Gordon and World of Dance’s Abi Perl.

“The vibe of the song is love all the way around so I wanted to show love in all different shapes and sizes,” explains David.  In one scene, Mikalah makes out with a girl.  Later in the video, David gets in on the action,  making out with real-life boyfriend Derek Caldera.

Choreography is by Nico O’Connor and Jesse Rey.  Check out the “Boomerang” video —

David tells us he is surviving the pandemic with “lots of patience. I have two roommates and we share an 800 square-foot apartment so, there’s lots of long walks and wine nights. Honestly, doing my virtual shows every Saturday night has really helped keep me afloat financially. I’m super grateful for the fans and friends that have contributed and donated. Without them, I don’t know where I would be during this time.”

David has performed at many Pride events around the nation and tells us, “we are all from different walks of life and depending on where you live, it influences who you are and your lifestyle. So, everyone is extremely different but, one theme always remains and that is love and acceptance. I’ve never performed a pride where there wasn’t smiling faces or amazing celebrations.”

David’s parting words – “The world is crazy right now so please be safe out there but continue to spread the message of love and light. Honor who you are and respect who other people are as well. Please keep trying to stand up against racism, transphobia, homophobia, sexism, ageism, bigotry and so many other terrible things in this world. It starts with every one of us to make a change.”

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Last modified: August 17, 2020