No Shame. Showtime's Shameless Returns

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It might be shocking to Those who grew up in the era when gay people were mostly invisible on television, but by GLAAD’s count, there were nearly 250 LGBT characters among last season’s major shows.

Photo by Brian Bowen Smith

Photo by Brian Bowen Smith

One example of this turnaround is the fact that fall will see the return of two shows about Chicago families prominently featuring a gay son. Despite these similarities, the shows are starkly different. Shameless, returning to Showtime October 2, follows the perpetually destitute Gallagher family, whose son Ian (pictured) was committed to treat severe bipolar disorder after a series of run-ins with the law last season. Meanwhile, the lovable Real O’Neals return to ABC October 11, with their son Kenny still very much the family pride and joy. For better or worse, they’re anything but invisible. and

Last modified: July 28, 2017