By the Way: Will Nomad Chic Be the Fashion Look for 2019?

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Nomad Chic Ensemble from Brunello Cucinelli

Looking for a fashion trend to follow? Byron scoped out the new collection from Brunello Cucinelli in search of inspiration.

It seems that this tumultuous year has driven us back to the nomadic lifestyle of ancient civilizations. In the past, our ancestors traveled far; setting up temporary dwellings as they explored the untapped territory that would eventually add to their own personal narratives and family lineages. Today we have hashtags to transport us to distant locations or moments in time. We set up a new type of “camps” via geo-tagging and supporting the brands that speak to us and our style. But the desire to return to simpler times – to have things that are versatile and long-lasting, to own something that won’t don’t disappear with a click – seem to be what Brunello Cucinelli is attempting to encapsulate with their spring/summer 2019 collection.

Re-imagining the limitations of styling, the blazer becomes the new cardigan. Its versatility adds an urban touch even to the wildest, most relaxed, and adventurous looks. For women, sleeveless variations will carry this sartorial style straight into summer. Masculine-influenced looks for women – coming from tuxedos, double-breasted jackets and military inspirations – alternate with modern, oversized shapes with drop shoulders. Leather or rustic cord belts further evoke a desert atmosphere.

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This combination of contemporary trends and timeless style embodies the feel of Brunello Cucinelli: the freedom to define one’s own identity in a multicultural age, valuing trends and modern aspirations without sacrificing one’s instinct about what looks and feels good. A sense of authenticity and fine craftsmanship create an allure that is both rustic and refined – celebrating the organic and imperfect beauty of natural fibers and materials.

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Last modified: October 21, 2019