“Not Another Second” Acknowledges and Celebrate the Sacrifice, Bravery, and Contribution of LGBT+ Elders

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For LGBT+ seniors, coming out was infinitely more difficult than it is today. As a result, many have lost years of not being their authentic selves fully and not being able to openly love who they choose. Not Another Second, acknowledges and celebrates the sacrifice, bravery, and contribution of LGBT+ elders, while sharing wisdom with future generations to not lose another second. A collaboration between trailblazing nonprofit SAGE, Watermark Retirement Communities and Brooklyn’s iconic new luxury senior community The Watermark at Brooklyn Heights, Not Another Second offers audiences a candid glimpse into the private and public lives of 12 LGBT+ elders who represent a wide range of diverse backgrounds, professions, and ethnicities.

These include a former politician, military veterans, a Stonewall survivor and Black Panther. These stories are told through a series of compelling portraits that intersect personal experiences of living during a time when being an LGBT+ individual was a crime. The exhibition, shot by noted German photographer Karsten Thormaehlen, known for his award-winning series Happy at 100 focusing on centenarians from around the world, also celebrates their personal journeys on deciding to live openly, as well as finding love and companionship. Each moving portrait is accompanied by the number of years lost living in the closet and not as their true, authentic self.

“In the 80s and 90s, everybody was scared to death to come out. They didn’t know who to trust,” said Richard Prescott who is featured in the Not Another Second exhibition alongside his husband. “I think I lost a lot of years not being myself. That’s why this campaign is so important. Not only do we get to share our stories but give courage to younger generations who are still scared of being their authentic self.”

Curated and installed by nAscent Art, the emotionally charged exhibition features state-of-the-art Augmented Reality (AR) technology allowing patrons to “experience the emotionally-driven stories of each LGBT+ senior in a new, interactive way, adding a whole new dimension to the already moving photography,” said Jennifer Wallace, co-founder of nAscent Art.

Not Another Second made its national exhibition debut in the art gallery of Watermark’s newest Élan Collection community, The Watermark at Brooklyn Heights at 21 Clark Street in Brooklyn, in January 2021. Free public and socially distanced viewings of the Not Another Second exhibit at The Watermark at Brooklyn Heights will take place every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday through March 2021. A reservation must be made to view the Brooklyn exhibition of Not Another Second. A virtual presentation of the exhibit is also available. Following its Brooklyn debut, the Not Another Second exhibit will tour the country throughout 2021, with stops in Los Angeles, Napa, and Tucson.

To book and reserve your timed ticket, please visit: notanothersecond.com

Last modified: February 10, 2021