This Is Why New York Is a Top Queer Coffee Destination

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Man Enjoys Coffee and Pastry

New York’s obsession with coffee is legendary and well-documented in Erin Meister’s New York City: A Caffeinated History.

Historically, Lower Manhattan was the coffee district and became the source of fuel for the city that never sleeps. While the title of the “coffee district” could now apply to many more corners of the city, it’s hard to spot a sidewalk without a single person weaving their way along without a cup of their favorite brew.

Although Matcha green tea, spiced chai, and even power teas tried and claim the position as the city’s hot beverage of choice, coffee prevailed. And throughout New York, quirky and queer destinations serve up some of the most delectable brews.

Sticky Buns And Coffee At MeMe’s Diner

MeMe’s Diner in Prospect Heights is at the cusp of an LGBTQ revolution thanks to its dedication to treating customers right.

That includes not questioning a customer’s gender if their credit card indicates something else. It also means taking a stand on issues via events held here regularly.

The diner is a thriving little mecca for queer people, offering a satisfying lunch/dinner menu in addition to a feast of selections for brunch. While it technically does not call itself a coffee bar, MeMe’s serves up a cup of liquid ebony good enough to kickstart any day. (Plus, they have a liquor license on hand if you want to give that java an extra kick).

The Sweet Smell Of A Perfect Roast

The unmistakable smell of perfectly roasted coffee beans travels outside a small shopfront and along the sidewalk down Christopher Street. McNulty’s Tea & Coffee has been a staple of the Greenwich Village for more than a decade, providing the finest quality beans from around the world.

While not a coffee shop in the “Central Perk” sense, McNulty’s has been a key supplier of a variety of fine grade coffee – and tea – to the gay community that has long loved the area.

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Coffee And Soda Fuse in the Most Glorious Way

Patrons of Dripped Coffee often head over to 150 Allen Street in search of one particular thing: the Manhattan Special Coffee Soda.

The best part? It’s not the bottled kind you find in shops. This Manhattan Special is made from scratch. The barista treats the drink like a work of art – crafting it carefully before delivering it to the care of the drinker. In addition, bleacher seating allows patrons to connect over their favorite brews and blends. Plus, fresh baked goods are available to fulfill those carb craving.

In New York, you can feed a coffee addiction on almost every corner. However, some corners – like the ones we’ve noted above – are simply a little more fabulous.

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Last modified: August 13, 2019