Oklahoma Professor fired after 41 years of work for bringing in a gay guest speaker

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What would Jesus do? Well, he sure as hell wouldn’t fire a loyal disciple after 40 years of disciple’ing in a pathetic display of homophobic overcompensation.

But that’s exactly what Oklahoma “Christian” University just did. They earned the sassy air quotes around their middle name due to the fact that they have no damn idea what it means to love thy neighbor.

Because, let’s face it: thy neighbor is way gay.

Professor Michael O’Keefe had been teaching graphic design courses at the university for over four decades. He earned respect, he earned accolades and he even earned tenure, but some administrative cretins just tossed that all aside to assert their faux righteousness.

How brave.

When O’Keefe was crafting the syllabus for a course entitled The Business of Branding Yourself, he invited guest speakers to share their expertise on the subject. Unfortunately, the professor failed to interrogate each and every lecturer about their personal lives before they arrived on campus.

And wouldn’t you know it – a gay got in!

Yup, a homosexual guest speaker had the nerve to chat casually and humanly about his life. That did not jibe with the powers-that-be. They fired O’Keefe for allowing the stench of diversity to sully their campus.

“The decision to end employment was made after a thorough review process,” fibbed Stephen Eck, legal counsel for the so-called educational institution.

His statement to Oklahoma’s News 4 continued, “The University will always put first the wellbeing of our students in every decision we make.”

Because gawd forbid you teach your cult to express a shred of decency toward the LGBTQ community.

Not to be outdone, O’Keefe’s attorney issued an assessment that directly quoted the school’s reasoning for the professor’s termination.

“Michael O’Keefe was fired by Oklahoma Christian University allegedly
for his ‘gross misconduct, conduct contrary to the mission and values of Oklahoma Christian University and disregard of the policies and values of the university’.”

Um, you can take the word values out of your filthy mouths, you hypocrites. But do go on…

“One of the speakers was an Oklahoma Christian alumnus and an Oklahoma Christian adjunct professor for nearly 20 years. This speaker is also gay. While this issue is polarizing within the religious community, it is certainly a reality within our world… Letting students expect a world where you may be different is the message Mr. O’Keefe wanted his students to hear. That’s the message this speaker delivered, not an advocacy of gay rights.”

Wow, there’s a lot to unpack here. Even if he had been advocating for gay rights, is that justification for firing the professor who booked such a “rebel”? Also, the guest speaker was a fellow alum?!?

That’s some chicken-fried BS. Class it up, Oklahoma.

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Last modified: March 22, 2022