Oops! What “Drag Race All Stars” Farrah Moan Forgot…

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Farrah Moan of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars

It will be forever to Farrah Moan’s credit that when Christina Aguilera made her long-awaited appearance on the RuPaul’s Drag Race runway in Season Nine, the music icon came in drag herself – as Farrah! Unfortunately, while Farrah Moan’s dewy youth undoubtedly helped win her that unique accolade, it comes packaged with a lack of experience – that may be what ultimately sent her packing so early in this season of Drag Race All Stars.

First, let’s talk about the good. Farrah looked simply gorgeous this season – serving many a pink-wig-topped look that left us gagging. But when it came to the competition, she struggled time and time again.

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In the talent show competition, it was just a little slip-up that did her in. The look was sickening – serving gradient color that managed to be both tasteful and serve a taste of the rainbow. And the opening of her burlesque number – with Farrah emerging from an oversize makeup compact – had an air of Dita Von Teese about it. And though the actual number lacked the true cleverness of great burlesque, it was most likely when Farrah stumbled over her discarded skirt that she landed hard – in the bottom two. But she lived to fight another day, thanks to the decision of lip sync winner Trinity the Tuck.

The second chance would not take Farrah much further. Her participation in the girl group challenge would earn the critique that hers was the “whitest dancing ever.” And when Valentina won the lip sync for her legacy (despite no small amount of drama about how the two queens had repaired their once-fractured friendship), she gave Farrah the ultimately reason to moan by giving her the chop.

So, since she forgot where she dropped her skirt in the talent show and apparently forgot how to shake her booty in the girl group challenge we, decided to ask her about something else she forgot. Check it out in this exclusive Metrosource video:

“Metrosource wants to know, what’s the first thing that I have left on a drag trip,” says Farrah Moan. “And that’s a very easy one. I have left my wig glue, and that induces quite the panic, so now I make sure always to always have extras hidden in my suitcase just in case because, when you can’t glue you’re wig on, you really are kind of [expletive].”

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We spill the T about Farrah’s feud with fellow All Star Gia Gunn (including a video message from the smoking Gunn herself) here:

Gia Gunn in RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars

Gia Gunn in “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars” Season Four Courtesy VH1

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Last modified: January 24, 2019