Our 2019 Gift Guide: This is What’s Worth Giving

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Skull and Bones Underwear

Welcome to our most luxe Gift Guide yet, with a trove of yuletide treasures. Whether you’re buying for a homebody who likes to cook, a fan of gadgets and gizmos, or someone who simply enjoys the finer things in life, we have a sleigh full of suggestions for you.

Campfire Solaris Earbuds

Solaris earbuds reproduce the full dynamic range of music at a quality and with a nuance once considered impossible for a device so small. Not long ago, we introduced you to the Andromeda — a pair of earbuds from the same company (Campfire Audio) that provide a sound experience that made you feel like you were in the recording studio. The Solaris? With a slightly more aggressive bass response, these will put you between the speakers of the best dance clubs in town. But no matter your taste, these are the best of the best. Get every nuance from Bey, the Beatles or Beethoven. They’re just out and available at CampfireAudio.com

Phonocut Home Vinyl Recorder

So you think you can sing? Share your musical gifts with the world with Phonocut, a home vinyl recorder that makes you a one-person record plant and studio. Now you can croon a tune and preserve it for posterity. Phonocut.com

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Hush Iced Cooling and Sleep-Inducing Weighted Blanket

Whether you’re anxious, have trouble sleeping, or could just use a good cuddle as you doze off, the Hush Iced Cooling and Sleep-Inducing Blanket is weighted, but miraculously never gets hot. Find dreamland in comfort at hushblankets.com

Hex X Tillit Bartender Backpack

It’s the tippler’s dream come true: Everything you’ll need to bring the party everywhere you go is in the Hex X Tillit Bartender Backpack. Carry bottles, strainers, stirrers and the rest and you’ll be a walking cocktail hour. Hexbrand.com

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Skull & Bones Comfort Wear

Want to look your best even when wearing next to nothing? Skull & Bones matches form and function in a sexy assortment of sublimely comfy union suits, jocks and underwear. Remember, everyone likes a nice package — especially during the holidays. Check out their entire collection at SkullandBones.com

The Tre Glass

Here’s something for the mixologist in us all: The Tre Glass set small and large, designed by David Derksen with laboratory borosilicate glass. A one-liter carafe is available, too. Ponder the possibilities at IndustryWest.com

Brava Oven

The Brava

Put your oven and microwave on permanent vacation for multi-ingredient meals that cook simultaneously in a fraction of the time of conventional ovens. It’s all possible now with the Brava. Download recipes into the oven, and you can save every single favorite. There’s also a hotline to call as you’re learning how to master every possible bell and whistle (and there are plenty) to revolutionize — and minimize — your time at the stove or oven. If you’re someone on the go who loves a home cooked meal but simply doesn’t have the time to sit and wait, this is the miracle you’ve been hoping for. Brava.com

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The Nobis Parka

Who said you have to be cold to chill? The Nobis parka puts you at the height of versatile style with 100% white Canadian down. It’s also waterproof, windproof and constructed from ethically sourced materials. Buttons are magnetized so you can simply pop it on and clamp it closed if you’re in a rush (or the temps vary quickly from one environment to the next). And there’s also a terrific hidden wire feature that allows you to customize your collar and the fur-lined hood. Rock your look and control your climate at the same time. From US.Nobis.com

Ekster Electronic Wallet

A sleek electronic wallet that’s easy to store and comfortable to carry. Best feature: the cardholder, which allows a quick look at your cards to select the right one instantly. No more scrambling in TSA lines hunting for your ID — and there’s room for your cash, too. From Ekster.com

Face It by Debbie Harry

Deborah Harry, — or Debbie if you prefer — has one of the most recognized faces in pop. In her new memoir, she looks back at Blondie and a career that skitters from punk to disco and even early rap. Find it at HarperCollins.com

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Prince Boxed Set

There will never be another Prince. This multi-disc set (which includes  previously unseen video-to-disc concerts) was his commercial breakthrough, containing remasters of “Little Red Corvette” and the immortal title track. Let the purple reign! Just out on Rhino.com

Creatable World Diverse Dolls

Imagine a doll in assorted ethnicities that’s also free from gender norms. With Creatable World, your doll can be whatever your dreams can imagine. Developed in consultations with parents, physicians and kids themselves, say hello to 2.0 playtime. From Mattel.com

Le Creuset Star Wars Inspired Cookware

Use the Force to create your holiday favorites! This season, Le Creuset is offering a limited edition of Star Wars-inspired cookware. Get a Han Solo roaster, a Darth Vader dutch oven, or a C-3PO Mini Cocotte. See the complete line available at LeCreuset.com

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