Our Metrosource Mixer Revisited: Pride! Friends!! Summer!!

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We’re counting our collective blessings at Metrosource today because we had the most terrific time wading through the throngs of friends, co-workers and sponsors at our rooftop mixer last night.

Metro Mixer 2016

Parties are mercurial little beasts, you know. You can plan every detail — have some terrific food (in this case the elegant Latino street food from Chelsea’s Temerario, get the right mix of poppy ear candy and dancefloor throwdowns, and truly luck out when it comes to weather. But in the end, your party is what your guests bring to it, and we have an assortment of the best friends (and their partners) that you can find anywhere.

It’s humbling. It’s gratifying, and the evening sent us all off into the night with hugs, backpats, kisses blown and delivered directly lip-to-lip. Some of us went to dinner, others to sing, and the smartest of our little Metrosource family called it a night. But we all left with great memories.

Metro Mixer 2016

Once again, we’d like to express our gratitude to our hosts, Clay Health Club + Spa, Tito’s Vodka and of course, the friendly folks from Spain at Turespaña.

Metro Mixer 2016

Last modified: April 17, 2018