Our Pride Is Stronger Than Your Proud Boys

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Hate starts from within. When you despise yourself to the very core, you can’t help but lash out at the world, blaming them for the pathetic failure you are destined to be for the rest of your rancid life.

Hello, Proud Boys!

This group of violent virgins projects all of their shortcomings (tiny penis reference) onto anyone unfortunate enough to encounter them. So, when the so-called Proud Boys spew insults, you’d better believe they reflect their own insecurities.

“They started kind of saying different things, calling us groomers, pedophiles. They were fat-shaming people, they were calling other women whores and just horrible things.”

The above account is courtesy of Josie, a brave soul who clashed with the basement-dwelling mama’s bois at a recent Family Storytime event near Dallas.

As Josie tells BuzzFeed, “You could tell that they wanted to incite some type of violence. They just wanted to make us get angry so they could have something to use against us.”

These alpha fails – oops, we mean males (no we don’t) are so courageous that they started attacking children at the library.

“When the kids started walking out from Pride Storytime, they were booing them and kind of yelling different comments at them. So we just kind of cheered louder,” recounts Josie. “And people walked in front of the kids so they wouldn’t see them.”

And the result: a rainbow of progress.

Make no mistake, when Proud Boys call us groomers, they are expressing their own perversion.

When they call us pedophiles, they are confessing unspeakable crimes that lurk in their twisted souls.

And when they fat-shame us? Well…

But the community can see through the Proud Boys’ bigoted BS. According to one mom at the confrontational Pride gathering named Kathryn Vargas, “There were protesters there that held up signs about protecting kids, but it was members of the LGBTQ community and allies that shielded my brown boys from these hate groups… They were the actual targets on Saturday. And yet, they absolutely would not flinch when hatred stared at them.”

Once again, our queer cohorts have saved the day in the gayest way. Kids were free to attend their local library despite the Proud Boys worst efforts. Now that’s what we call reading a bitch!

Photo: Josie 

Last modified: July 2, 2022