FROM ROB: Our True Colors

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Rob Davis This year’s pride issue is one that makes me particularly proud. You’ve got to love Cyndi Lauper, whom I’ve known for many years as a great straight ally of the LGBT community. But I found that Matt Gurry’s interview with her provided new insights into how she goes beyond good intentions to create real change in our community — through building the True Colors Residences for homeless gay youth and sending so many positive messages our way.

Naturally, much of their conversation revolves around Cyndi’s exciting new album Detours, but Matt also asks Cyndi how her musical Kinky Boots, which seems to be about such a specifically gay subject matter, turned out to have such a broad appeal for audiences all over the world. I remember wondering the same thing when I first heard that the musical was coming to Broadway. But all I had to do was to see the show to understand that — even though it is about “kinky boots” — it is really a story about how success comes from celebrating who you are. And the best success stories almost always come from watching the underdog rise to the top — whether that underdog is an often-defeated sports team finally achieving victory or the shared struggle of our community. Long denied the right to serve in the military, to marry our partners, to be ourselves openly and honestly, at last we are rising to equality. Laws are finally coming around to our favor — as are society’s attitudes.

It strikes me as very appropriate that Cyndi Lauper (who wrote the music and lyrics for Kinky Boots) and another of our community icons, Harvey Fierstein (who adapted its story for the stage and wrote its dialogue), were honored this year with adjacent stars on the Hollywood Walk of fame. Both of these incredible artists have spent their careers being defiantly different and creating music and theater that celebrates individuality, honesty, breaking down barriers and the importance of never letting that struggle get you down.

Cyndi is just one of many extraordinary people who are making us proud this year, but now we want to hear what you think. Visit us at and head to the comments section under this letter to shout out LGBT people and allies who are making you proud — whether it’s someone you know personally or a celebrity you’d like to see appear in a future issue of Metrosource. And on behalf of the entire Metrosource family, I wish you a happy, healthy, fun and exciting Pride season.

Last modified: July 27, 2017