Paging Doctor Hottie!

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To paraphrase an old joke: we hate to see him go, but we love to watch him walk away (from oppression). Dr. Jake Jacob has the finest caboose in the medical industry, and he’s strutting those sweet buns out of his church and into a happier life.

In a recent Instagram post, Dr. Jacob explains why he chose to shed the infamous “magic underwear” associated with his Mormon faith. The good doctor has replaced the restrictive skivvies with heavenly, form-fitting outfits that showcase his assets and give us butt fever!

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“The conscious decision to take my garments off was life-altering physically, emotionally, and spiritually, “ writes Dr. Jacob. “It was my last physical reminder, for good or bad, of my ties to childhood religion. It was liberating for my body to finally remove the oppressive clothing that insisted I always stay covered instead of celebrating the body God gave me.”

Mmm, about that body – Dr. Jacob’s scruffy façade is like a gift-wrapping that cradles his rippling contours, begging his patients to lose patience with all sense of restraint.

The yearning that the fierce physician inspires in us is mirrored in his Instagram message regarding his liberating lack of religious garb. “Sliding into my sheets without any clothes the first night I felt freedom I’d never experienced before. I could choose how I presented my body to the world, not a corporate religious organization. It started a journey of loving my own body, embracing my flaws, of actually looking in the mirror and choosing to like what I see.”

Dr. Jacob’s journey has brought him from the treachery of conversion therapy to the notoriety of a quarter million social media fans (and counting). The sexy exodus began when he dispelled the myth of his magic underwear. “It’s been 12 years since I decided to stop wearing them, it made no sense since I was having sex with men which is a mortal sin against the Mormon church’s teachings.”

Well, doctor, if you ever need a partner in sin, we can think of a few parishioners who are ready to covet your hindquarters, no matter what you’re wearing (or not wearing). Our diagnosis: those briefs are a revelation. Amen!

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Last modified: December 27, 2020