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Palm Springs Drag Queen Under Attack For Bringing Up a Child to Dance at a Drag Show

Berlin was a gay haven in the 1920s. Progressive publications bloomed on every newsstand, queer clubs beckoned visitors of every rainbow stripe, and it seemed that the utopia would stretch into forever.

Then the 1930s stormed through history like a nightmare. An extreme right wing clutched and clawed at civilization, eradicating millions who dared to challenge them.

But it could never happen here, right?

Think again.

Palm Springs is a gay haven in the 2020s. Joyous members of the LGBTQ+ family spill from clubs galore, expressing love for their partners in the open warmth of our desert oasis…

Until you notice the black cloud of hatred gathering just beyond the San Jacinto Mountains and on the brink of cyberspace.

Drag performer Sabryna Williams is a local fave. She was entertaining the crowds at Oscar’s this summer when she noticed a pint-sized patron dancing along.

“I saw this little girl having a blast,” Sabryna recounts to News Channel 3. “I said, ‘Do you want to come and dance?’ She said yes, and she ran right up with me onto the stage and started dancing.”

The moment was captured on video and it soon festered its way into conservative media. Sabryna was inundated with accusations of pedophilia and “grooming” kids.

“The intention was so gracious, that it was so innocent, behind that video. To have what came out because of it, I never would have imagined.”

Bigots came out of the digital muck to harass Ms. Williams.

“When they started calling me, and making those kinds of threats, it became a lot more personal and it became a lot scarier.”

She has since limited her social media to verified followers only, which makes it more difficult to promote her upcoming appearances and overall fabulosity. Undeterred, the homophobes who hounded Sabryna have spread their bile to Oscar’s Instagram feed.

But owner Dan Gore will not be bullied. He defends Sabryna is a statement to News Channel 3 about the harmless nature of family-friendly drag.

“It just uplifts people, and it’s a great experience in all aspects – the music, the dancing, the shablams, the death drops, the costumes… What kids don’t enjoy some sort of spectacle?”

The show must – and will – go on. Oscar’s is beefing up security to ensure the safety of everyone who laughs, loves and lingers in the ephemeral glow of our shimmering Shangri-La… while it lasts.




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