Pam Ann Soars to Hilarious Heights

Written by | The Lens

Finally! A reason to visit Florida. Comedy sensation Pam Ann is hitting the runway mercilessly and mirthfully at Hunters Nightclub in Wilton Manors. She grounded her 2020 tour because… well, 2020. But now she is back on stage, taking no prisoners, and giving zero f***s.

Pam earned her first-class seat as a queer cabaret institution thanks to her irreverent style and gutter sensuality. Her new tour, aptly titled PAMdemic, is raging through the Sunshine State like an STD (to put it in terms Floridians will understand). Sorry to sound crass, but Pam inspires us. No taboo is off limits and no character is too offensive.

Pam’s proverbial flight crew features a who’s who of oh no she di’int! Tossing political correctness out the emergency exit, this distasteful tastemaker mocks every accent, ethnicity and orientation. From her slutty Virgin Airlines personas to her clueless fashionista routines, Pam circumnavigates our funny bone (innuendo firmly intended).

Now, our fave fierce flight attendant is confronting the worst stowaway imaginable: Covid-19. Her latest stand-up set tackles the novel coronavirus and the Covidiots who ignored its seriousness.

“All these queens over here have had it five times,” Pam quips while pointing to a gaggle of gays in the crowd. “They just came in from Puerto Vallarta, the superspreaders! I didn’t know that Puerto Vallarta needed all those essential circuit queens.”

As the audience laughs at themselves, Pam persists, donning an effeminate lisp. “We’re essential workers, me, Gary, Steven… we’re gonna be in a big bubble with 5,000 soon.”

Countering her acerbic condemnation with rave-like abandon, Nurse Pam offers a giant syringe filled with fictional vaccine to the tune of the dance-hall classic Shots by Lil Jon.

If you are unable or unwilling to travel to Florida, we don’t blame you. Instead, watch Pam at her best: cursing out beloved children and defaming nuns’ genitalia. Simply click on the link below and then be sure to clean your finger, because Pam Ann is positively filthy.

Photo: Instagram @pamannwantsagram



Last modified: February 3, 2021