People We Love 2015: Susan Sarandon

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Changing Our Expectations…

People We Love 2015: Susan Sarandon

Photo Courtesy of The Weinstein Company

Maybe it’s time for us to stop being surprised by Susan Sarandon:
Who would have guessed that the same woman could so convincingly embody The Rocky Horror Picture Show’s chirpy ingenue Janet, the surprisingly gutsy Louise of Thelma and Louise, and the determined Sister Helen Prejean of Dead Man Walking? Add to this her impressive record of supporting causes such as fighting hunger and struggling for the civil rights of women and LGBT people the world over. Nevertheless, Sarandon now surprises again as Dolly, the lesbian grandmother of the young, trans title character of this year’s About Ray. In the role, she offers a funny, touching and specific point of view — embodying a woman who understands what it means to be gay but not trans, once again bringing attention to another often overlooked slice of the human experience.

Last modified: October 22, 2018