People We Love 2018: Leo Preziosi, Jr.

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It was after reading an article in Metrosource about the challenges facing LGBTQ youth that Leo Preziosi, Jr. founded Live Out Loud. And it was at this year’s Live Out Loud Gala, listening to him speak so passionately about how the program has changed the lives of LGBTQ students ever since, it occurred to us that a person who belonged on this year’s list was him.

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“Live Out Loud wouldn’t be where we are now without the LGBTQ+ community,” Preziosi told Metrosource. “The LGBTQ+ Community has consistently been by our side as we continue to evolve and develop our student programming for LGBTQ+ youth in our schools locally as well as nationally. We’re a family here, our staff, and board of directors, committee members, role model speakers, volunteers, donors, and sponsors. They are with us 100%. Imagine visiting local schools or your own hometown high school and sharing your coming out story and personal journey, challenges and successes with a classroom and sometimes an assembly filled with students from every background. That’s what our Role Model Speakers do every week for us with their heart on their sleeves. So very generous, every single one of them. They help us fulfill Live Out Loud’s mission by educating and nurturing these amazing young students, giving them the courage and freedom to find their own unique voice and in turn become the agents of change in their communities. So many unsung heroes. It’s been truly an honor to present our programs here in New York City as well as all over the country with this extraordinary community behind us: The beautiful, courageous, articulate, imaginative LGBTQ+ Community. I will be forever grateful.”

What does Preziosi hope for the LGBTQ+ community going forward? ” Unity, a coming together like never before. To understand, to learn and to help one another,” he says. “We’re stronger together.”

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Last modified: January 7, 2019