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People We Love 2019

Metrosource’s annual “People We Love” recognizes members of the LGBTQ community and our staunchest allies…

…for extraordinary acts of service and philanthropy
…for raising awareness about LGBTQ rights and culture
…for modeling excellence in being part of our community

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jonathan van ness in heels

Jonathan Van Ness
A Cut Above

Queer Eye breakout star Jonathan Van Ness leads our list of People We Love this year. In a revealing chat, our interview covers his new book, his poz status…

nina west

Nina West
Scene Queen

Outrageous and outspoken, drag queen Nina West is on a mission to create a safer world. Here’s why she’s on our 2019 list of People We Love…

chris frederick

Chris Frederick
Pride Guide

If you’re an LGBTQ New Yorker, you may already be familiar with Chris Frederick’s accomplishments. He leads the organization that annually hosts…

angelica ross of pose

Angelica Ross
Trans Actor

How do you prefer your Angelica Ross: As the indomitable Candy Ferocity on Pose, or the shady lady with a history on American Horror Story: 1984

jonathan bennett gay and sexy

Jonathan Bennett
Mean Guy

Where is Mean Girls hunk Jonathan Bennett now? He’s all grown up, openly gay and his coming out is still inspiring new generations of the film’s fans.


Pod Goddesses

Technically BETTY is three people we love: Elizabeth Ziff, Alyson Palmer, and Amy Ziff. But BETTY also contains multitudes…

Gio Benitez and Tommy DiDario

Gio Benitez and Tommy DiDario
Best Hubbies

When ABC News Correspondent Gio Benitez and Social Media Influencer Tommy DiDario walked down the aisle…

asia kate dillon

Asia Kate Dillon
Binary Buster

You probably recognize non-binary star Asia Kate Dillon from serving their unmistakable brand of cool on TV shows like Showtime’s Billions

Toby Hervey

Toby Hervey
Bravely Forward

Bravely founder Toby Hervey: “I definitely believe that being gay gave me more empathy for what it’s like to be underrepresented.”

merryn johns

Merryn Johns
Curve Hugger

You’re likely to run into her speaking at LGBTQ conventions all over the world. She has a passion for promoting lesbian culture.

bob and rob of boxers

Bob + Rob
Men in Boxers

The NYC Boxers bar chain is to sports what Hooters is to wings. Some it home to the best eye candy in town.

greg in hollywood

Greg in Hollywood
Star Man

Why should you love gay journalist Greg Hernandez of Greg in Hollywood? He’s devoted his career to…

Guy Anthony

Guy Anthony
Message Sender

Activist Guy Anthony has done so much to educate LGBTQ people about…

ravi roth

Ravi Roth
Globe Trotter

He brings spectacular spirit to exploring gay neighborhoods around the world!

cliff morrison

Cliff Morrison
Gay Samaritan

He changed the way our healthcare system treats people living with AIDS forever.

daniel nardicio portrait

Daniel Nardicio
Night Lifer

Is Daniel Nardicio the king of Gay NYC nightlife? Here’s why gay men pack his parties and show up for his stars.

Demetre Daskalakis

Demetre Daskalakis
Health Warrior

This queer health warrior embraces pleasure, rejects fear and spreads positive messages about HIV.

corey johnson

Corey Johnson
Voice of Reason

The Speaker of the New York City Council since 2018, Cory Johnson has worked diligently for the welfare of all the city’s inhabitants. That’s quite a feat, given the city’s size and diversity.

andrew barret cox

Andrew Barret Cox
Triple Threat

The man behind multi-media extravaganza Oscar at the Crown composed the score, designed the costumes, and then choreographed the musical that left NYC audiences breathless throughout last summer.

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