Booze News You Can Use: Vinegar Is the Mixer of the Moment

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Pok-Pok drinking vinegars

It might sound like we’re joking, but Andy Ricker has been serving drinking vinegars at Portland’s Pok Pok restaurant since 2005, and in Pok Pok NY since 2012.

Bizarre as it seems, it turns out that this vinegar makes for a refreshing, sweet/tart concentrate that can be spritzed with seltzer for an all-natural soda alternative or used as a unique mixer. Handcrafted in Portland, the delicious beverage blends organic cane sugar, vinegar and other natural flavors to create taste sensations from the more-traditional (apple, honey and ginger) to the more exotic (thai basil, turmeric or chinese celery). Explore the possibilities at

Last modified: January 15, 2018