Properly Aged Beef: Ten Years of Meat Zine

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The discrepancy between fact and fantasy can be jarring. We ogle hawt guys online and in our dreams, but if we rely too heavily on unrealistic expectations, actual human contact can be a letdown.

So how can we have our steak and eat it too? Photographer/entrepreneur Adrian Lourie works to bridge the gap between lofty desires and doable dudes with a healthy dose of beef.

Meat is a gay pinup magazine in the style of the 1950s physique pictorials,” Adrian tells Edge Media.

“I had this rather grand idea of producing a sort of thinking man’s smut and I liked the connotations with pornography. I also liked the idea that it was pretty basic. I knew it would scan great on a T-shirt too.”

Manly mission accomplished.

Now celebrating its 10-year anniversary with a randy retrospective book, the ‘zine is swelling in size and engorging our filthy minds. But as hefty as the new Meat manifesto may be, its perspective has never wavered.

“I wanted to try and present a different point of view: ‘ordinary’ guys photographed naked and in their own homes and not retouched,” explains Adrian about the brand he founded a decade ago.

“The guys featured are all real men. I avoid using ‘models’ and try to get a diverse bunch of blokes for each issue.”

Mmm, we could go for a bloke-job right about now.

But behind the behinds, Adrian upholds a guiding philosophy. “It’s presenting a different point of view on what makes gay men sexy to traditional gay media,” he assesses.

“It’s about being natural and not too posed. Of course, it helps for them to be comfortable in front of the camera and I totally have the gift of gab, which helps with that. I’m going to toot my own horn and say I can pretty much take a decent shot of anyone.”

Toot away, Adrian!

The taste of Meat lingers seductively on our ravenous palates as it enjoys this momentous 10-year milestone.

“I hope it has an impact on how gay men see themselves,” concludes Adrian.

Oh, we’re feeling the impact… and we’re ready for another seductive serving.

Photo: Instagram @meat_zine 


Last modified: September 2, 2021