Putting Your Best Face Forward Is Now Easier Than Ever at Sadick Dermatology

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It’s never too soon to start caring for your skin.


Beach party-season is rapidly arriving and temperatures are rising, how can we prepare to show our best face?

This period, as the winter is petering out, is the perfect time to tackle all aging, textural, and pigment related issues of your face. New generation fillers such as Voluma, Radiesse, Sculptra or Bellafill can boost areas of volume loss, and fill any acne scars…leaving the face looking refreshed and the skin looking smooth. These fillers can give an immediate lift to the face but also stimulate the dermis to produce collagen in a process that takes around 3 months. So, by the time you’re packing your beach towel, your facial glow with be at its peak radiance. If you’re doing filler treatments you might as well invest an extra hour in the office to have an energy-based treatment such as Fraxel laser or Venus Viva nanofractional radiofrequency. These treatments can correct any skin discoloration, and work together with the fillers to truly rejuvenate your face.

Great, and what about the skin on the rest of the body- how can we prep for being less covered up?

Get rid of body hair with laser treatments. Since you’ll need 4-6 treatments and need to stay out of the sun before and after treatments, get a start on them now. Lasers use light energy to penetrate the hair shaft, and kill the hair root. Treatments take roughly 30 minutes, and you can target all areas of the body including back, chest, stomach, shoulders, underarms and the genital area. Venus Versa works best on light skin with dark hair but devices such as the Cutera Xeo laser are great at treating darker skin types. Less body hair leaves more room for your smooth skin to shine. Make sure you lather up on sunscreen though- as you’ll have less protection from UV rays.

And if despite the gym we still have some flab, what treatments would you suggest to look toned?

One or two treatments like coolsculpting from Zeltiq or Sculpsure from Cynosure can help reduce localized fat, in all areas of the body in just 30 min with no pain or downtime involved. Specific applicators can target areas of fat in the chest, abdomen, chin and love handles. Pairing these treatments with shockwaves can help tighten excess skin and allow more muscle definition. If during your consultation appointment you seem like a perfect candidate for liposuction, go for it- technologies such as Smartlipo combines traditional liposuction with lasers so you can tighten skin while removing large volume of fat. There is more downtime involved, however most side effects subside in three months, just in time for summer!

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Last modified: September 29, 2017